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Colombia’s privileged geography and climate are so finely tuned with coffee it seems as if they were meant to find each other. Located just North of the Equator, Colombia’s humidity and temperature is perfect for coffee all year round. Following the Andes that cross Colombia from South to North, they begin to split into 3 separate mountain ridges as you get deeper into the country, creating a unique and extremely diverse environment with a multitude of climates, altitudes and ecosystems. Although Colombia’s coffee is exclusively of the Arabica variety, this peculiar landscape set the scene for regional coffee production, with a range of different intensities and tastes.

Coffee grows on over 50% of Colombia, so in order to make sense of its diversity, we must go on a quick tour starting on the Northern part of the country. At Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the Perijá Mountains and the departments of Casanare, Santander and North of Santander, coffee is grown in the shade. The higher temperatures and lower altitudes at which the beans are produced results in a coffee with low acidity and a particularly full body.

Moving down to the Central region we reach Colombia’s coffee belt. This is where most of the country’s coffee is produced, with its characteristic fresh, mild, washed Arabica taste. Caldas, Quindío, Risaralda and the northern part of the Valle department are dotted with coffee plantations, the soil is so productive that the same tree can be harvested up to 8 times in a year without sacrificing the quality of the beans.

Finally, we reach Cauca, Huila, Tolima and Nariño towards the South of Colombia, where coffee is grown at relatively low temperatures. Being closer to the Equator and grown at higher altitudes, coffee from this region has a higher acidity and other certain special attributes, on occasions very specific in terms of aroma, or sweetness, that are very demanded by sophisticated markets.

The land of coffee in the Andes
The picturesque Andes of Colombia are home to world’s finest coffee. From North to South, coffee is grown in over 50% of all municipalitie
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The Birthplace of The World’s Finest Coffee
Colombia’s privileged geography and climate are so finely tuned with coffee it seems as if they were meant to find each other. Located jus
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