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A seal to taste the difference
Colombian coffee has grown into a global staple of quality and good taste, and every Colombian is proud of this. But coffee is much more tha
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The smiles behind the beans
Colombian Coffee is grown and handpicked by thousands of people around the country. We always choose people over machines because it takes h
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Always good, all year round
Good things should last. Fortunately for everyone, genuinely good Colombian Coffee can be harvested all year round. Thanks to Colombia’s p
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The land of coffee in the Andes
The picturesque Andes of Colombia are home to world’s finest coffee. From North to South, coffee is grown in over 50% of all municipalitie
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The fine craft of growing coffee
Colombians love coffee. The tradition of growing it has been around for generations and coffee has also been a fundamental part of the econo
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It all comes down to the bean
You might love a trendy caramel macchiato or prefer a tastefully minimalistic plain black cup, but regardless of how you choose to enjoy you
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The Coffee Nation
Many stories begin with a cup of coffee and every cup of coffee begins with the bean. In Colombia, a unique formation of the Andes provided
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The Good Old Colombian Way
In Colombia, growing coffee isn't just farming; it's a craft that has been passed over generations, requiring both sensitivity and knowledge
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  • genuine
    We are proud of our roots. Every Colombian coffee bean holds the pride of thousands of Colombian growers for a job well done. It is the product of the steep Andes Mountains volcanic soils, ideal climate, and the careful hands that pick this coffee every day. It is also an honest commitment to quality and respect for discerning coffee lovers, shared by thousands of growers and more than 400 coffee brand partners around the world.
  • familiar
    Colombia put coffee on the table, and coffee put Colombia on the map. For almost a century, Colombia has been the origin behind the finest beans in the world, recognized worldwide for its consistent quality and aroma. Colombian Coffee has shared invaluable moments with many generations and will continue to do so for years to come. This is the reason why thousands of Colombian growers dedicate their whole life to these beans.
  • socially responsible
    Colombian Coffee is 100% about people. More than 500.000 coffee growing families dedicate their lives to these beans. This is why all our efforts are focused to make their lives better. Access to Education and Health, better infrastructure and productivity, are all needed to grow 100% Genuinely Good Coffee. Our goal is that Juan, Jose and Maria can proudly live as coffee growers, so they can make happier little Juans, Joses and Marias and grow the finest coffee in the world.
  • innovative
    Though many coffee lovers might not know it, there is a great deal of work behind a Colombian coffee bean. Understanding the perfect combination between growing conditions, variety and best processing practices, is both an art and a science. Controlling each step of the way to make sure only the best beans end up in your cup, is a job that never stops. Developing new ideas towards Café de Colombia's long term sustainability, and constantly renovating our vision gives us meaning: We don’t live off our coffee bean’s fame, we live to keep it famous.
  • trustworthy
    Every time you see the 100% Colombian Coffee Logo you can trust those beans. They are 100% mild washed Arabica, they all are quality tested and they are selected in every step of the way. We invest a lot of time and effort to make sure that what you get is the real deal, 100% Genuine Colombian coffee consistent and reliable in every cup.

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behind the beanOur coffee is Colombia's most iconic product. Its high-grown mild arabica quality and pronounced aroma have been reaching homes from all over the world for almost a century. Behind every single Colombian Coffee bean, there are more than 500 thousand coffee growers represented by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), an NGO that strives to achieve better quality of life  for Colombian Coffee growers and their families. We stand for them as we have been doing since 1927.

We believe that commitment to origin is the ultimate sustainability statement: A recognition of a job well done. This is why, for years, we have been sharing the Colombian coffee story around the world  with the help of hundreds of partner brands that  sell 100% Colombian coffee and share our mission. #MindTheBean
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